Well, now that the ferocity of semester-end has finished, I can get back to some serious thinking. The following are eight trends I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and in the weeks to come I’ll be expanding on each trend in terms of entrepreneurial and investing opportunities. If there are major trends you believe I have missed, please let me know in the comments and I’ll consider them. These trends are important in the medium- and long-term, but to take advantage of each one there are things to be done in the short-term.

  • Chinese canal through Nicaragua
    1. The Nicaragua canal will accommodate larger ships than the Panama canal so shipping costs will be lower
    2. Potential increase in U.S. protectionism as it will be a Chinese-controlled shipping route es bueno el viagra generico

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  • Continued industrialization of emerging markets (e.g. China)
    1. Increased scarcity of ‘rare earth minerals’ esp. tantalite for fiber optic networks
    2. Satellite communication will become more important
  • More contract & less full-time work
    1. Firms that arrange contracts will be more in demand
  • Continued environment-based restrictions on business in industrialized economies which will slow growth & raise energy costs
  • De-industrialization of food chain in developed economies w/ more & smaller farming and ranching operations
    1. Cost of land will rise & cost of food will rise; people are willing to pay for good food
    2. Large food producers will catch on & we’ll see downward pressure on food prices again (5-10 years?) como se chama o viagra generico
    3. Water shortages because of price controls will continue to be a problem
  • Regulatory avoidance will push more & more financial transactions to mobile tech
    1. Capital raising will be more at the ‘kickstarter’ level duree cialis 20mg
    2. Banks’ profit margins will get squeezed more & more, causing them to reach for profit in other ways
      1. More securitization of existing products
    3. Bitcoin rivals will show up, as better technology is developed cheap viagra sildenafil
    4. Regulators will continue to seek ways to oversee financial technology & this will likely push entrepreneurs into locating into friendlier countries
  • Increased regulations & taxation levels will continue to push U.S. firms to relocate
    1. Counterbalances include freer trade with Europe & Asia
  • Increased competition in education will attenuate
    1. Fewer people will get degrees, but it won’t be a major reduction in levels
    2. The big losers will be the lower-reputation schools
    3. Schools that attract high performers will likely partner with major corporations to share costs & create talent pipelines
  • 3D printing will continue to replace traditional manufacturing and open new opportunities for cheaper production of complex machines