I just thought of a new way of describing us and those like us: liberty entrepreneurs. Every day, we’re looking for and developing ways to be more free, and we’re helping others to do the same. And Jeffrey Tucker is a perfect example of a liberty entrepreneur. He’s an inspiration for me to find ever-increasing ways of living “outside the statist quo” as Mr. Tucker might say.

In his guide “Prepare for Life Without the State,” Mr. Tucker offers a variety of suggestions for creating a state-free lifestyle. In this post, I’ll discuss how Mrs. Cranky Finance Prof and I are addressing “Get Out of Debt” and “Get Rid of Stuff.” And developing our skills at the same time!

Before describing what we’ve done, let me also tell you that Mrs. Finance and I have the medium-term plan of moving to Central America, so we prepare a lot for living in that situation.

First, we are paying down any outstanding debt as quickly as possible. To the exclusion of vacations and fancy dinners, or a bigger house or any of that sort of thing. It’s a bit austere, but we are folks with simple tastes who get a bigger kick out of building or creating than consuming.

Second, Mrs. Finance has replaced all of our commercial cleaners, soaps, shampoos, etc. with homemade varieties. Making these requires just a few common ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and Castille soap. Mrs. Finance uses a few essential oils in some of the soaps for adding fragrance, but this isn’t necessary. Anyway, this technique (a) cuts out about $40/month from the household items budget, (b) is fun, and (c) avoids the chemicals in commercial cleaners.

Third, Mrs. Finance has gone a long way in replacing commercial medicines with essential oils. There isn’t a huge cost savings here, but I like not popping pharmaceuticals to make me feel better. And, as an insomniac, I’m grateful to find something that’s not a harsh pharma to help me sleep at night.

Fourth, Mrs. Finance is using all her newly developed skills to start a business. It’s not ready yet, as product testing has just begun, so I’ll get back to you on those developments.

In addition to the cost savings, and avoidance of commercial chemicals, it is satisfying to create your own household products. Plus, this way, I can add phospates to my dish detergent if I want to!*

* This is a wink & nudge to those who have read “Bourbon for Breakfast.” We don’t actually add phosphates because we don’t need to!