First, to define the term. I mean aggression as the antonym of passivity. I don’t mean destruction or bullying, as these would be perversions of aggression. I mean the aggression that is needed to make your way in the world, to get the work done that you need to, to navigate everything from traffic to abusers of your time. Aggression is assertiveness combined with force. And as Frederick Douglass said, “a man, without force, is without the essential dignity of humanity.” viagra generic

A lack of force, or a passive attitude, will allow a person to avoid uncomfortable situations in general. Think of meekness and avoidance here. A ‘keep the peace’ attitude. But this external attitude often turns the aggression inward and converts it to an disquiet in the mind and soul. Think about getting cut off in traffic or something else that annoys you. There are two ways to handle the sudden anger – either use some technique to ease the disquiet, or let it stew and fester. Two ways to ease the disquiet are to do something peaceful that directly quiets the mind, like meditation, or to do something aggressive like hit the heavy bag or push weight for a while. I think both of these methods are sound and complementary. These days, however, most people would not agree that aggression is positive. price comparison cialis viagra levitra

Why do I argue in favor of aggression? Because of personal experience. For many years, I turned inward when I was angry or annoyed, and meditated or wrote in a journal to “exorcise the demons,” so to speak. But I became meeker and more inwardly focused. About a year ago, I noticed the profound changes that had taken place and decided I didn’t like that. I thought back to times when I had more confidence, more courage, more chutzpah. I remembered how I was when I was in a martial art called Hapkido. It’s Korean, and combines grappling with striking: passive and aggressive.

There’s no Hapkido studio near me, but I have taken up more aggressive studies. Boxing is next on the list, but I have gotten into rock climbing and other sports that are physically demanding and provide a objective to conquer. This is good for aggression – you have to want it to climb to the top of the rock. Embracing aggression (again) has filled me with more vitality and thumos than a purely passive approach. But here again I recommend a balance, because you want to channel aggression productively.

Aggression without an appropriate channel leads to fury and destruction. Don’t lose it behind the wheel in heavy traffic, for example. The more opportunities I take to channel aggression, the more at peace my mind is. I still take time to rest my mind, through meditation and other activities like a slow hike in the woods, but I have never felt the vitality in the past like I do now. viagra cost

So again, I’m not talking about unleashing the fury on some helpless people. I’m talking about a balanced approach to life that combines passive actions like thoughtful meditation with creative aggression. This, for me, has provided a measure of vitality and peace of mind that I never experienced following only the one (passive) path.

And yes, I am an aggressive driver, and yes I’m way safer than all the passive sheep on the road. viagra no rx