Who’s working where? Inspired by this post by Robert Murphy on Mises.ca, I put together graphs of employment changes for the states of the U.S. I grouped them by broad region, so some graphs have more states than others. (Click image to enlarge).

The first thing we notice is that, except for a few special cases, the employment patterns are pretty consistent for most states during and after the real estate bust. Massive drop-off, and slow climb since. Louisiana had it’s own challenges with Hurricane Katrina, clearly. The biggest gainer is, of course, North Dakota. Texas is doing well too, but they aren’t alone in their category – Utah is also doing well. Florida has added jobs at a decent rate recently too, as has Delaware.

Now we know why  North Dakota is doing so well, and the same is true for Texas. The other three, who knows? I’m certainly not doing the legwork. What does surprise me is the lack of dispersion among the remaining 45 states.

I’m not personally trying to make a point here, I just wanted to add some context and a little information regarding employment in the U.S. Let me know any thoughts or queries you have in the comments! By the way, all data is from the BLS, but I use St. Louis Fed’s FRED database to obtain the data.



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